So along with the new billing that we are all having trouble with, wait to you hear this one. I have had USC for over a year now, automatic payments, never been late.

This past sunday 11/10/13 I went to use my phone at 9am and a message came across and said if you would like to make a call, please call collect to use a credit card. So i was like WTF!!! I checked my account online and saw it was up to date and not even due yet. I don't have a landline so I had to go to my sisters and call....hold time REDICULIOUS!!!!

I finally got someone they said my account had been cancelled and you can imagine the words spewing from my mouth!! I asked why she said "I honestly don't know, they usually have a comment on why the would cancel without warning or anything." I am livid at this point. So i said I want my phones turned back on, OH sorry MAM but financial service is off today. So in the mean time i went to local USC store and got loaner phones so I could have some sort of communication.

Called monday morning first thing! So she says Oh I'm sorry mam your account was cancelled in system error and we will work on that asap. Just keep checking your phones and they should be on sometime during the day. So......I sit and wait and my impatient husband called at 2pm and said why arent they on yet?

She said oh there's a message here stating all you have to do is hit*228 and your phone will be working. WHEN WERE THEY GONNA TELL US THAT?????? UGHHHHH.....Then she says oh by the way you have new numbers now!!!!!!!!!!! Wow did the steam come from Hubby's ears.

We have had the same numbers since 2008 and have a lot tied to them. Sorry this is so long but VERY FRUSTRATING! So he called Tuesday night on hold for 2.5 hours finally by the fourth person she was working on getting our old numbers back. They are now floating in a pool somewhere in cyberspace and they have to retrieve them back.

They got mine working but not hubby's. He's not a happy camper. So in the mean time we want some sort of compensation for all this. I've been trying to call with very long hold times.

How can they just cancel your whole account in error. Who does this? We are still working on it today and really havent got very far, they said they could cut our next bill in half and give us an early upgrade for 37.50!

Really not feeling that at all.I'm so disappointed in them and they really don't give two ***!! Just wanted to share my story with you.

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I know what u mean!- US Cellular is bad services!! Go for better!- I'm glad I will!- peace!


Calm the *** down fatty. Just pay your bill and move on.

to Anonymous #1428124

Shame on u!- mocking the innocent victim insteadinstead of the bad guys who are the guilty ones!- you just proved you are just as bad as they are! No different!

And what's up with calling someone fatty!?- that's wrong too! U sound like an idiot and heartless fool!- do not respond!- bye!!


Going crazy with US Cellular myself. My bill, when I am able to get one has been wrong since June but went crazy when they did the upgrade and has been crazy ever since.

It is more now than when I had two more phones on the acct. There are charges on my account that nobody can explain, many of them and every month. Can't get through to customer service only about once every couple of months if I am lucky. Going to the store in person is no better.

The lines are a mile long. Can't check online because they system is always down or only parts of it are working. Then, I too got no bills or bills with zero balance and then randomly get bills for several months at once. I just got one for $650.00.

Why is my normally $150.00 bill $650.00? Nobody seems to know. They too told me that I had to pay the balance without being able to explain the details of the bill to me. Oh yeah...you can't use or see what you can get with your rewards points because the bill isn't paid...the bill you never got or have access to, and even better, the bill they have no ability to accept because their system isn't working anyway.

I am so angry. Looking into a lawsuit. My commitment came with certain expectations for service, like being able to pay my bill, getting one bill a month, being charged for only what I REALLY owe, having access to rewards I have earned and maybe some customer service?

So fed up! Trying to figure out who to switch to.

to Anonymous Des Moines, Iowa, United States #754785

I totally feel everyone's pain. I've been a customer Since 1996.

Used to be a great company. Horrible now. I'm so happy that I'm "grandfathered" in the Belief it or not program & have no contract.

I'm bailing & I think we should file a class action lawsuit. Anyone does it, I'm on board.

to Anonymous #1428125

There are better and cheaper services to work with for good services!- like boost prepaid,and net 10!- you are being ripped off! For too much money! Its not worth it!- prepaid is way better than big monthly bills!- the rest is up to u!- peace!

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