I ordered a phone Nov. 30th.

Received an email to confirm my order stating would receive a tracking number in 72 hours. Dec 5th call customer support they can't see the order transferred to different department after 1.5 hrs on hold hung up. Called Dec 6th same thing do not wait. Long story short I waited on hold for 8hrs in 5 days for them to answer my question.

Was told last night I would get a call back from a sales rep this morning, no call. I call again this afternoon and they tell me to go into a store and they will fulfill my order, the store cannot. Finally, recheck my email after guy says the order had not been fulfilled and had an email this afternoon stating my order was processed, should be here in 5 days. I see on their facebook page tons of people with the same problem on top of the billing issue.

This company used to be amazing with reception (where I live) and customer service not any more. And on top of all this I had to sign another 2 year contract when their gimmick was "never sign a contact "

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